Girls Take Charge taught me so much about me. 

I thought leadership was something you had to wait to do until you were older to do.  GTC gave me tools to build my confidence and see myself as a leader now. 

I wish all girls could do this!"

- GTC Participant

Information will be posted in March 2021 for summer sessions. 

"Building Her Empire"

for Current 4th - 11th Graders in the 2020-2021 school year

students who will be rising 5th - 12th graders in summer of 2021

We were excited to have over 300 girls participate in the sessions in 2020!

We are excited to bring GTC online this summer and not stop the empowerment and leadership development of girls!

  • Building Her Empire is an online, interactive program where girls can build key life, empowerment and leadership skills. 

  • The program engages girls in fun, interactive ways so they can continue on their leadership and empowerment journey. 

  • Parents select from various times that suit their family schedule. (see schedule below)

  • Families may sign up for multiple programs:

  • The cost for the program is $50.00

  • Engages girls in a positive and fun atmosphere especially since these opportunities are few right now.

  • Provides a structured, meaningful,and engaging activity to break up monotony and boredom.

  • Supports parents by providing quality programming for their student so they can do work or other activities while we reinforce the messages of leadership and empowerment you have been sharing as well.  

  • Helps girls grow their confidence and empowerment skills especially against the constant focus on social media.

Solves for challenges we are all facing...


1.What will Building Her Empire focus on?

We can't wait to engage in a positive, energizing environment to help girls...

  1. Grow their confidence

  2. Identify and celebrate their awesome traits

  3. Take charge with learning new empowerment skills 

  4. Engage in discussions on surrounding themselves with positivity including friendships and peer relationships

  5. Develop strategies to focus on their strengths and quiet the noise of social media, negative influences, 

  6. Interact with facilitators in fun interactive sessions to reinforce important messages that you as parents are already sharing about the importance girls using their skills and believing they can! 

2.Who is this program best suited for?

If your daughter would like to learn more about herself, engage with mentors and other girls in a positive atmosphere, and enjoys utilizing her skills and ideas, we think she will benefit from “Building Her Empire”.

Participants will have to be able to focus at a computer to receive the greatest benefit.  Sessions are one hour long and interactive! 

GTC  has always offered programs for different age ranges. Our in person programs have ranged from elementary to high school girls so we have decades of experience on age appropriate messaging for girls. Online sessions will do the same. 

3.How many girls will be in each program?

Building Her Empire is intended to be a festive, inspiring, and enlightening online experience and will have a minimum of 5 girls and no more than 10 girls in each program.   Girls will be provided opportunities to engage via video and using the “chat” feature of the online program.  We are excited to provide a small group setting so girls can learn about themselves as much as possible.  

4. How will this program be structured? What is the fee?

Throughout the program, your daughter will engage in 5 to 6  live online sessions.  In addition, small projects will be provided if girls wish to continue to do offline.  They will have an opportunity to present their creations to the group during online sessions.


See "schedule" for more specific information. 

Payment, Refunds, Deposits

Payment is due at the time of registration.  No refunds will be provided at June 1st, 2020. 

The cost of the program is $50 and unfortunately no refunds will be provided.

5. Can we sign up for more than one program?

Yes! "Building Her Empire" will run three times this summer including June, July and August.  Participants can sign up for multiple programs across months.  

This is a great way to complement other summer activities that she may be involved in or help with summer boredom!

Visit the registration page to select your program(s). 

6. Can my daughter be in sessions with her friends?

Registration will be on a first come first serve basis.  We ask that you please provide the name of the other girls that your daughter would like to have in her session so we can do our best to accommodate.  In the rare occasion, we are unable to do so we will make sure to inform you ahead of time and a refund will be provided. 

At our GTC events, many girls come without friends and find it enjoyable to truly be "herself" at the experience so either way we consider it a win/win!

7. Who will facilitate the sessions?

Just like our in person sessions, sessions will be facilitated by educators, counselors and college female leaders who have a direct experience in empowering young women. In addition, our high school volunteers will be present during some of the sessions.  Our high school volunteers were once GTC participants and provide that "big sister" connection!

8. Do you have experience in teaching online sessions?

Yes!  Lots of it! Girls Take Charge is a program of Learning to Lead, a non profit organization.  Learning to Lead has developed online leadership and empowerment programs for over 8,000 students over the past decade.  

9. How will the program differ for high school girls?

For high school girls we will delve deeper into leadership skills.  There was a missed opportunity at the end of this school year and over the summer for girls to participate in clubs, activities, and in person summer programs where they could grow and develop much needed leadership skills for college and beyond.  Participants will also be emailed a certificate of completion for the leadership program so they can demonstrate to colleges their desire to develop skills even during challenging times. 

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