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17 Years

of empowering girls to reach their
goals and dreams 

"Girls Take Charge was life changing.  I wish all girls could go through it. "

Women Owned Businesses, Businesses that care deeply about the leadership development of future women leaders, Organizations that prioritize the development of women leaders
this is a special sponsorship opportunity. 

Benefits of Sponsoring a Girls Take Charge Program

Give the Lifetime Gift of Self Belief to Girls

We have measured many metrics over the 16 years we have completed Girls Take Charge programs and in 6 key metrics, Girls Take Charge continues to grow a girl's confidence in herself and her ability to lead others. 

Turn Key Sponsorship

As a sponsor of the Girls Take Charge program, you will impact 30 girls for a week long summer program.  We will do all of the work, except for the parts you want to be involved in such as meeting the girls or leading one of the sessions. 

Impact your Local Community or a Community of your choice

As the sponsor of a Girls Take Charge program, we will work with you to identify the community that you would like to have the program hosted in such as a school or a town. 

Outcomes and Objectives Achieved

Girls Take Charge is an evidence based program aligning with many education goals and programs including 21st Century Skill Building, Character Development, and Whole Child Development.  This national award winning program that has been supported by many large organizations such as Bank of America, Prudential, and Deloitte Consulting.  Even a MLB team, the Philadelphia Phillies, honored Girls Take Charge as one of its three annual charities for the work the program is doing to inspire young women. 

Honor a Leader

Is there somebody in your organization that you would like to honor as a supporter of women and girls empowerment?  Honor them by having the sponsorship also be in their name.  

Mission Alignment

By sponsoring a iIrls Take Charge program, your organization is not only helping girls jump start their dreams but demonstrating to everyone that you too place importance on this critical mission.  We will celebrate you will social media posts and acknowledge our gratitude.  

How to Sponsor a Girls Take Charge Program

1. Contact:

Contact Beth Mooney, GTC Director, at or 484-880-1458 to schedule a virtual meeting or phone call to schedule a program and answers any questions.  

2. Sponsorship Opportunity

The cost to sponsor a one week Girls Take Charge Program impacting 30 girls is $9,000.  An organization can either serve as the main sponsor or find other like minded organizations to share in the sponsorship opportunity. 

We are excited to work with you on this critical mission of empowering girls!



Beth Mooney 


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