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Whether you are a parent of a girl just starting at GTC or have experienced previous GTC progams, learn from parents and GTC alumni on why Girls Take Charge is an essential part of the empowerment journey.

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Julia Ritchie, GTC Alumnus and now college student

What People are Saying about 

Girls Take Charge

high shcool girls camp

Throughout my remaining years of high school, I witnessed GTC's miraculous, transformative power. It changed middle school girls into leaders--backed by the confidence and skills they gained in the program, many girls immediately got involved in the community upon entering high school. 


elementary school girls camp

Girls Take Charge camp gave me unforgettable memories. I had so much fun and was empowered to be more confident. It taught me many useful skills that are helping me every day. Thanks for such a wonderful camp!

girls empowerment camp

Participating in GTC and the awesome activities encouraged my creative side and gave me a chance to try new things. GTC really worked well to prepare me for middle school. It made me feel very confident about dealing with friendship issues, the academic pressure, and myself inside and out.



Straight from the Source:


GTC did a wonderful job of coordinating a fabulous program for teen girls and should be commended. Thank you so much for all of your effort, our daughter had an incredible experience!

My daughter had a terrific week and I wish there were more weeks. Thank you to all staff for kicking off the summer with a great experience!!

My daughter loved it. My suggestion would be to have it for more than a week!!

She can't wait to come back next year. 

My daughter can't wait for this program each summer.  She loves the energy, kindness and positivity of the girls and the great staff. Thanks for such a great summer experience. 

She made new friends and it was great opportunity for young women to learn to be more confident in themselves. The week made a positive impact on her. Thank you.

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