Girls Take Charge taught me how much I have to give.  I didn't know I could have so much fun and learn so much at the same time, especially about myself! I had a blast!

- GTC Participant

The Girls Take Charge curriculum has been carefully designed over the past decade and is based on the following:


  • Over 15 years of experience and research (over 8,000 girls have gone through GTC since it began in 2007).

  • Highly experiential and self/peer reflective so girls can learn by doing. 

  • Fun, laughter, and positivity! Its summer and it should feel that way.

  • Learning outcomes are developed for each track based on research and knowledge of girls' social and behavioral development at certain ages.

  • All GTC tracks include programming that foster the three GTC pillars of empowerment and leadership. These are:

    1. Sense of Self

    2. Sense of Team

    3. Sense of community

confidence, leadership, empowerment

Be Empowered 

Self Aware Stage

At GTC, we understand that these years can be known as the rise of the "storm and stress" years. We, however, embrace this new-found sense of self and independence by helping girls understand their impact on friends, family, schools, and their community. We understand that the following things are happening in the lives of girls at this age:

  • Desire to develop strong friendships groups.

  • Self-confidence can be highly fragile.

  • Brains are growing and through this amazing growth they are experiencing more complex thoughts.

  • It is a highly emotional period so we look to embrace that passion and enthusiasm.

What She Will Do at GTC 

Growing a strong sense of self

A strong emphasis is placed on the GTC pillar of "sense of self" in this age program. Girls will participate in meaningful and powerful activities that will uncover her strengths, build confidence, and continue to help her become a strong self-advocate!

During the week, she will...

  • Participate in many self-reflection and positive skill assessment sessions.

  • Learn from positive and enthusiastic “older sisters” college mentors on how to stand strong in who they are.

girls smiling 7th 8th.JPG

Make Things Happen

Girls will practice skills in fun, engaging team building activities to continue to develop “her voice.” These activities will:

  • Identify and embrace personality traits to use for personal goals and leadership development.

  • Gain an understanding of ways to lead themselves and others.

  • Practice mindfulness and stress strategies that can work “magic” in having a positive life.

  • Participate on a project team to serve as a mentor to younger girls.

  • Learn strategies to use daily for growing self-confidence.

  • Create lasting friendships during this special and meaningful week.

Inspiring and Energizing

"My daughter loved it!
She made new friends. This is a great opportunity for young women to learn to be more confident in themselves. The week made a positive impact on her."

- Girls Take Charge Parent

"Girls Take Charge taught me to believe and be confident in myself! I learned a lot about leadership and how to make a difference. Thank You!"

"Incredible camp experience! My daughter was motivated by the activities, had fun, and made new friends! Thank you for a great start to her summer!"

- Girls Take Charge Participant

- Girls Take Charge Parent

an awesome GTC DAY 

A day at GTC is a busy, energizing, and fun-filled day. Almost every hour students can expect to move to a new activity. Days are spent in a mix of large group and small group activities and includes teamwork sessions, self-reflection sessions, and project time. Below is a sample of what a GTC day can entail.

The Makings of a Great GTC Day

Day begins at 9:00am

During the days, participants will be busy working through team challenges and developing new skills all while laughing along the way. Girls can expect to move to a new activity about every hour.  

Morning Opening Session

9:00am - 10:00am

Each day begins with a fun and intentional energizer to focus positive energy for a great day ahead. Girls may be asked to contribute to a Girl Power Vision Wall or interact with a college or young female leader who has found a way to make a positive impact in her community. 

Teamwork Triumphs!

10:00am - Noon

Girls rotate through engaging sessions with staff members focusing on identifying life and leadership skills with an emphasis on teamwork skills. For example, girls may strategize on how to get a soccer ball into a goal with unique field positions. In another rotation, the girls will build and design a structure that represents a strength girls have. Skills addressed include resiliency, effective communication, and problem solving.  Wether permitting, we try to get outside for these activities. 

Forging Self-Appreciation

Noon - 1:00pm

One of the things we hear most from our GTC participants is how much they enjoyed learning about themselves. During this hour each day of the week, girls will be focused on identifying their personal leadership style, creating a gift box for all of their gifts, and designing their dream office - maybe it will even be oval someday!

Fun and Friendships

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Girls dine in the "all you care to eat" Villanova Dining Hall. There are many food and beverage selections the girls can choose from. After eating, the girls enjoy the outside with new and old friends until 2:00pm. 

Positive Power Hour

2:00pm - 3:00pm (day ends)

For the last activity of the day, girls work in small teams to create a meaningful project designed to help all girls discover and value their strengths.  Girls will design an interactive girl "power hour" for younger participants to attend on the last day of camp. Girls will use their love of sports, theater, arts, music and/or writing and share their talents during this special hour.  

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