"I was nervous to go at first but I loved GTC! Everyone was so friendly and nice.  I made new friends, learned A LOT about myself and laughed alot. Thank you GTC!"

- GTC  Participant

overview  rising 5th/6th Grade Track

For Current 4th or 5th graders

Only the virtual program will be offered this summer of 2021

The Girls Take Charge curriculum has been carefully designed over the past decade and is based on the following:


  • Over 14 years of experience and research (over 6,000 girls have gone through GTC since it began in 2007).

  • Highly experiential and self/peer reflective so girls can learn by doing. 

  • Fun, laughter, and positivity! Its summer and it should feel that way.

  • Learning outcomes are developed for each track based on research and knowledge of girls' social and behavioral development at certain ages.

  • All GTC tracks include programming that foster the three GTC pillars of empowerment and leadership. These are:

    1. Sense of Self

    2. Sense of Team

    3. Sense of community

middlse school girls camp

What She Will Do at GTC 

Grow a strong sense of self

During this GTC track, we will focus strongly on the GTC pillar of "sense of self." We will engage your daughter to focus on meta-cognition, – helping them think about how they think. They will know the activities as fun, and as parents we will know we are teaching them the invaluable life skills of self-confidence, resiliency, and teamwork!

girls summer fun camp

Life as a 9 - 12 year old girl

Forming Her Identity

Each of our daughters have their own unique empowerment journey. Common themes girls share in this age group have also been identified through years of experience and research. The GTC dynamic programming encompasses these themes so we can meet girls where they are at and inspire them on their path to success.

Common themes of girls in this track include:

  • Begin to challenge the self-confidence they have built up to this point. 

  • Formation of their values. 

  • Swings between feeling powerful and then invincible.

  • Want to be part of the group and not stand out.

  • Decision making can be challenging.

High school girls camp

Experiences that Make Forever Memories 

Inspiring and Energizing Week

Your daughter will engage in hands on activities that will require her to make decisions and take small positive risks and develop those skills throughout her empowerment journey. In addition, she will:

  • Identify strengths and learn confidence-building techniques in fun self-reflection exercises.

  • Participate in small group team building activities where she can identify and learn leadership skills.

  • Fulfill assigned fun roles throughout the week, learning that standing out in a group can be great!

  • Learn a few mindfulness strategies to help work through all the complex feelings that can happen during this age.

My daughter loved this program. She made many friends and enjoyed learning. Thank you for providing such a wonderful camp.

- Girls Take Charge Parent

Thank you for an awesome week! I had so much fun, met great girls, and learned a lot about teamwork and myself! Middle school doesn't seem so scary now.

My daughter had a terrific week and I wish there were more weeks. Thank you to all staff for kicking off the summer with a great experience!!

- Girls Take Charge Participant

- Girls Take Charge Parent

An Awesome GTC DAY 

A day at GTC is a busy, energizing, and fun-filled day. Almost every hour students can expect to move to a new activity. Days are spent in a mix of large group and small group activities and includes teamwork sessions, self-reflection sessions, and project time. Below is a sample of what a GTC day can entail.

The Makings of a Great GTC Day

Day begins at 9:00am

During the days, participants will be busy working through team challenges and developing new skills, all while laughing along the way. Girls can expect to move to a new activity about every hour.

Morning Opening Session

9:00am - 10:00am

Each day begins with a fun and intentional energizer to focus positive energy for a great day ahead. Each day during this time, girls will receive a new table role, which will allow them to try out different leadership hats and roles as they move forward on their journey. One day they may find themselves as the table "encourager" and another day they may be table "determination driver."

Teamwork Triumphs

10:00am - Noon

Girls rotate through engaging sessions with staff members, focusing on identifying life and leadership skills with an emphasis on teamwork skills. For example, girls may be asked to create a bridge with yoga mats to cross over the "teamwork" river or move items from a beach bucket without touching the bucket.  Weather permitting, we will try to get outside for these activities. 

Awareness is Awesome

Noon - 1:00pm

One of the things we hear most from our GTC participants is how much they enjoyed learning about themselves. During the week, girls will take the time to discover more of their inner gifts and how they can use these more often in daily life. This hour of the day is focused on bring out the superhero in each of them!  This hour is more independent work than the other parts of the day. 

Fun and Friendships

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Throughout the GTC experience, participants can enjoy spending time with a friend or meeting new ones. Lunch is a great time to talk, relax and enjoy new friends in the "all you care to eat" dining hall. Afterwards, weather permitting, girls can enjoy some outdoor time with our caring staff until we resume again at 2pm. 

Positive Power Hour

2:00pm - 3:00pm

For the last activity of the day, girls work in small teams to create a meaningful project designed to help all girls discover and value their strengths. The girls sometimes redesign a classic board game specifically for girls or they might create small booklets to serve as reminders about the power of positivity. 

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