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Additional Information 

Thank you for joining us for Girls Take Charge Day at Deloitte on Friday, June 22nd from 10am to 2:30pm.  PLEASE read all information carefully.


Event Direction and Location

The program will take place at the Deloitte Headquarters at 1700 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19103.  Participants can take public transportation or families can search for nearby parking garages for drop off and pick up.  This is a drop off only event.  Parents will have access into the lobby area only to drop off and pick up their participants. Participants may also travel to and from the event on their own per each family’s arrangement. 


Program Check In

Program check in will take place from 9:45am to 10:00am.  Please no early arrivals as the rooms do not become available to us until 9:45am.   


Event Start and End Times

The program begins promptly at 10:00am and concludes at 2:30pm. 



Participants will learn from women leaders on career opportunities through small group discussions, receive a tour, and participate in leadership workshops.  We are planning on a GREAT day.



Lunch will be provided.  Students can bring snacks or drinks.  If a student has a severe allergy it is recommended that they bring their own lunch. 


Event Dress

Most importantly, we ask that students wear their favorite pair of shoes at the event.  We have seen everything from Ugg boots in the middle of summer to flip flops in the winter.  All women leaders at Deloitte participating in the day will also be in their favorite pair of shoes.  In doing so allows us as women leaders and rising young women leaders to demonstrate our authenticity and courage to be ourselves in our leadership efforts.


We also ask participants to arrive in business casual attire.  This could include a dress, skirt, sun dress (with a sweater or cardigan as please not sleeveless tops/dresses).  We ask that participants refrain from wearing leggings or other tight-fitting clothing. 



BYOT at your own risk.  Our organization is not responsible for lost items.  For students bringing phones, they will need to be stored away for the entire session.  


Thank you for your understanding regarding the above information and details.  We are planning on having a great day!


Please contact Beth Mooney at or 484-880-1458 with any additional questions.

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