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Being at GTC opened me up to so many things. It really empowers me to do so much. I met some amazing women with heart. Thank You.

- GTC High School Participant

Overview High School Counselor In Training

for current 9th - 12th graders as of the Spring of 2018

Ready. Set. Go.

This special leadership counselor in training opporutnity is open to our GTC Alumni who are currently in 9th - 11th grade (rising 10th - 12th by the summer of 2018)

 What to expect

  • Serve as a positive role model to the current GTC Participants

  • Enjoy engaging with the participants to help them on their empowerment journey. 

  • Learn how to facilitate leadership team building games and sessions. 

  • Grow friendships with like minded counselors. 

  • This special opporutnity is only open to GTC Alumni and are currently in 9th - 11th grade.  This is an application based opportunity.  Girls can apply to the program through March 2018 or until the program has met capactiy.  Girls will be selected on their strength of application and a brief phone interview.  

  •  Who should apply? GTC Alumni looking to engage with and share positive interactions with middle school girls. Eye contact, enthusiasm and a sincere desire to help girls is essential! 

  • For those accepted into the program, this is a volunteer opportunity.  There is no stipend provided and unlike other counselor in trianing progarms there is no fee to participate. 

an awesome GTC DAY 

A day at GTC is a busy, energizing, and fun-filled day.  As a counselor in training you will be spending the majority of your time interacting with your amazing group of girls.  However, each day you will also have the opporutnity to learn more about yourself and your leadership style through high school only sessions. 

The Makings of a Great GTC Day

8:30am - 9:30am Welcome and Opening Energizer

Start of the day with lots of positivity as you engage with your team of girls welcoming them to the day and help to facilitate a morning energizer. 

Engage and Lead

9:30am - 11:00am

Interact in small groups with the participants either in helping with a team building exercise or adding your advice and input in small group discussions.  You will serve as the role model and "big sister" to the participants. 

Leadership Development

11:00am - Noon

Continue to help girls build key leadership skills as they participate in a self awareness exercise.  Learn more about yourself as well as you too can do the exercise.  Past high school volunteers often describe how much they learned about themselves and their strengths but engaging in the activities. 

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Collaboration Creativity

Noon - 1:00pm

Collaboration Conquers - Help your participant team with the second session of morning activities.  Provide insight to their interactions as a team or maybe even grab a bandaid for a girl in need!  Your constant support and enthusiasm will be an immense help to the participants confidence and empowerment growth! 

Fun and Mentorship

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Throughout the GTC experience, girls will enjoy a daily lunch  with new and old friends. Each day after lunch, girls enjoy the outdoors or inside with friends. As a leadership counselor you will ensure that your team of girls is staying strong as a team.  You will provide positive support during lunch time and free outdoor time. (weather permitting) 

Positive Impact Hour

2:00pm - 3:00pm (day ends)

Help the girls as they participate in their team based empowerment message project.  At the end of the hour help girls check out for the day and go into their evening with a jump in their step. 

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