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Being at GTC opened me up to so many things. It really empowers me to do so much. I met some amazing women with heart. Thank You.

- GTC High School Participant

Overview High School Counselor In Training

for current 9th - 11th graders as of the Spring of 2018

The Girls Take Charge curriculum has been carefully designed over the past decade and is based on the following:


  • Over 10 years of experience and research (over 5,000 girls have gone through GTC since it began in 2007).

  • Highly experiential and self/peer reflective so girls can learn by doing. 

  • Fun, laughter, and positivity! Its summer and it should feel that way.

  • Learning outcomes are developed for each track based on research and knowledge of girls' social and behavioral development at certain ages.

  • All GTC tracks include programming that foster the three GTC pillars of empowerment and leadership. These are:

    1. Sense of Self

    2. Sense of Team

    3. Sense of community

Ready. Set. Go.

girls leaderhship camp

What She Will Do at GTC 

Ready to Shine

A strong emphasis is placed on the GTC pillar of "sense of community." Participants form entrepreneurial teams where they create a positive impact project over the course of the week.

Throughout this culmination track of GTC, girls learn from women leaders all that is needed to create and lead a successful team, including topics such as motivation, resiliency, brand identity, digital leadership, and effective personality styles. 

Your daughters will embrace all that makes them strong and unique and apply that to positive social change. Girls will create product protypes in the first week and social media projects the second week that focus on women and girl empowerment. 

Life as a 9th/10th grade girl

Each of our daughters has her own unique empowerment journey. Common themes girls share in this age group have been identified through years of experience and research.  GTC's dynamic programming encompasses these themes so we can meet girls at their current developmental level and inspire them on their path to success.

 Common themes of girls in this track include...

  • Recognize strengths and opportunities. 

  • Enjoy being busy and engaging in activities with peers.

  • Social circle can be large and varied.

  • Seek the desire to be liked.

  • Peer interaction can be just as strong or stronger than the desire to be with adults as girls continue to seek independence.

girls summer camp
girls leadership camp

Make Things Happen

Below are some activities that will take place during the week:

  • Identify a personal leadership style to use on their empowerment journey.​  Identify a digital leadership style. 

  • Have fun creating a positive and meaningful project with other girls to promote a social cause using effective tools such as futurism sessions. 

  • Learn and practice real life skills such as effective communication, motivating others and networking/relationship building.

  • Build leadership skills in fun team building activities.

  • Engage with women leaders discussing topics such as self advocacy, leading peers, and goal setting. 

Inspiring and Energizing

My daughter had a fantastic week. She was very moved by the stories. She honestly felt inspired by the camp and made new friends. She'd love to go back next year. Thank you!

- Girls Take Charge Parent

The mix of inspiring speakers, activities, and expert and caring faculty create moments of true learning and deep reflection stretching the girl's thinking and builds confidence. 

Amy Hayes, Global Head of Learning and Development,


It's astounding the power that an organization like GTC can have on the young women that participate in it.  Girls Take Charge fundamentally changed how I saw myself as a leader in my community. 

Girls Take Charge Participant

an awesome GTC DAY 

A day at GTC is a busy, energizing, and fun-filled day. Almost every hour, students can expect to move to a new activity. Days are spent in a mix of large group and small group activities and includes teamwork sessions, self-reflection sessions, and project time. Below is a sample of what a GTC day can entail. 

The Makings of a Great GTC Day

9:00am to 9:30am Opening Energizer

In this culminating track of GTC, participants will be busy throughout the day growing skills, building relationships, and becoming movers and shakers of positive change. The day begins with an energizing activity that highlights the intentions for the day.  

What's Your Style?

9:30am to 10:30am

Leadership Style Discovery - Learn how you like to lead best and what your personality strengths are!  You will discover new things about yourself you might not have even known.

Mentor Moments

10:45am - Noon

Interact in small groups with successful women leaders. Seek their insights and advice for a happy and successful empowerment journey.

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Collaboration Creativity

Noon - 1:00pm

Collaboration Conquers - Discover the special gift of women leaders to unite and strengthen groups through creative team building sessions. In these fun sessions, girls will interact with others to find some great solutions!

Fun and Freedom

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Throughout the GTC experience, girls will enjoy a daily lunch (included in tuition) with new and old friends. Each day after lunch, girls enjoy the outdoors or inside with friends. GTC girls also demonstrate independence and decision making by independently selecting their project teams and topics for their entrepreneurship projects.

Positive Impact Projects

2:00pm - 3:00pm (day ends)

Girls will work in teams on a common interest to create positive social change. Girls may be seen creating a powerful messaging video for younger girls or they may write post-it poems for the younger participants. The project topic is their choice! 

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