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GIRLS TAKE CHARGE empowers girls to develop key life and leadership skills through experiences and lessons that engage and energize them. With its positive and supportive environment, Girls Take Charge helps each girl realize their personal strengths and gifts. Girls participating in the program grow to become self-confident, courageous, and compassionate leaders in their schools and communities. 

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"My daughter loved this program.  Best camp experience ever."

-GTC Parent

  • Over 8,000 girls have participated in GTC since the program inception over 15 years ago. 

  • Interactive - Girls rotate through new sessions about every hour. GTC maintains a 1:12counselor ratio so girls can be supported by a caring and focused team.

  • Hands-on approach to sessions and coaching from experienced and supportive women leaders focused on topics such as self-advocacy, teamwork, friendship development, self-awareness, and positive goal setting.

"I wish all girls could go through GTC. It was amazing." 

-GTC Participant

  • Nationally recognized award winning program - GTC empowers girls and is building the next generation of self-confident leaders. 

  • Specializes in age-specific programming - girls are met at their own level and can learn skills and strategies for their own success and happiness. 

  • Energizing and fun - Girls not only learn more about themselves, but they also learn how to make a positive difference in others. 

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What Makes GIRLS TAKE CHARGE Stand Out



  • Supportive environment for girls to laugh, learn, and take positive risks.

  • GTC reaches girls when they are most susceptible to the corrosive power of social messaging and helps them define how they view their own self-worth and their ability to achieve success.


  • GTC acts as a special counterbalance helping girls to grow into confident young women who are energized about the future!

  • GTC has been in existence for over decade, workinghard to inspire thousands of girls across the country to find and be their true authentic selves. 

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The program is for any girl who wants to learn more about herself, her goals, and dreams in a fun and positive environment.


GTC girls can be found on the fields and courts, in dance studios, on stage, and participating in various clubs and activities. GTC also works with girls who have yet to find their voice and who would describe themselves as “shy or quiet.” 


As a GTC team, we have a passion for working with all the girls wherever they may be in their empowerment journey.  


Girls who attend the program are excited and motivated about helping others and reaching their personal goals. Current leadership roles are not necessary! We work to build leadership skills and self-confidence, so no previous experience is required.


Girls participate in hands-on sessions, where they learn and grow by doing. Your daughter will participate in small group discussions, be active in team building games, and create projects that will not only teach her about her amazing self but also how to be a positive influence to others!  


Girls Take Charge is built on three signature pillars:

1) Sense of Self

2) Sense of Team

3) Sense of Community


In each of our four grade level tracks, girls participate in sessions that address these important pillars.


Through in-depth research and decades of experience, we understand the various developmental stages girls go through in their journey through life . Girls Take Charge meets them where they are with dynamic curriculum and programming to help jump start them on their journey to success.

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GTC Counselors and Staff

GTC is run by highly experienced educators, professional women leaders and college student leaders. 

We know that girls learn best when they have a variety of leadership personalities and mentor levels to learn from, which is why we build our teams with diversity.  

Our leaders include educators who work with high school and middle school students, guidance counselors, professional women leaders, and college women who hold a variety of leadership positions on campus. 


All of us at GTC have a passion for girls' empowerment and leadership development, and are excited to help your daughter discover her abilities and strengths!

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