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Jumpstarting girls’ dreams through evidence based programming
to empower girls in becoming self advocates and leaders. 

Girls Take Charge (GTC) is an evidence based leadership and life skills program that educates girls to make independent decisions, discover and identify their special strengths, and gain leadership skills to impact others.


For over 16 years, Girls Take Charge has inspired thousands of girls to take charge of their future.  The GTC curriuculum is highly interactive, providing opportunties for girls to express their thoughts, ideas, and experiences.  

Our programs involve all girls, from athletes to musicians to artists to girls who have found their voice and want to lead more, to girls who are still looking for theirs.   

Public schools, Private schools, and other organizations who align with this critical mission can bring this national award winning program to their community as either an after school program or summer enrichment program. 


The Girls Take Charge curriculum has been carefully designed based to ensure it maximizes the opportunity to teach girls key leadership and life skills that matter.

The curriculum aligns with many student development paradigns and initiatives including:


"What I love about GTC is that this program gives girls a chance to explore their strengths and virtues that can illuminate the path ahead. I can’t say enough about GTC and would encourage every mother (or father) to give this priceless gift to their daughter."

"As a middle school guidance counselor, I have had many of our students attend Girls Take Charge over the past 10 years   and they LOVE it! They come back each Fall with so much more confidence and a new set of skills to use during the school year.  They always ask how they can go back in future years to Girls Take Charge. It is a phenomenal program and one I am proud to support!"

Jenna Reinheimer, Middle School Guidance Counselor

"Little did I know how much I would love GTC and that I would return for the next two summers as a participant, then become a counselor for the program years later. GTC taught me the skills to become the leader I am today,"

Kelcy O'Connor,
GTC Alumnus

Lying in the Grass



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